From the Minutes of the Plenary Meeting of the Caucasian Bureau of the C.C. R.C.P.(B.)

July 5, 1921

Attended by:

Member of the C.C. R.C.P. Stalin; members of the Caucasian Bureau: comrades Orjonikidze, Kirov, Nazaretian, Orakhelashvili, Figatner, Narimanov and Miasnikov; People’s Commissar of Foreign Affairs of A.S.S.R. Huseynov.


  1. Comrades Orjonikidze and Nazaretian put forward a motion to reconsider the previous decision on Karabakh.


For the sake of national peace between the Muslims and Armenians and economic ties between Upper and Lower Karabakh and its continued contacts with Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh shall remain within the Azerbaijanian S.S.R. with broad regional autonomy and its administrative center in the town of Shusha, which is part of the autonomous region.

For: 4 votes, 3 abstentions.

  1. b) To instruct the C.C. of Azerbaijan to establish the borders of the autonomous region and present them to the Caucasian Bureau of the C.C. R.C.P. for approval.
  2. c) To instruct the Presidium of the Caucasian Bureau of the C.C. R.C.P. to talk to the C.C. of Armenia and the C.C. of Azerbaijan about a candidate to the post of extraordinary commissar of Nagorno-Karabakh.
  3. d) The C.C. of Azerbaijan shall outline the scope of autonomy of Nagorno-Karabakh and present it to the C.C. Caucasian Bureau for approval.

Secretary of the Caucasian Bureau of the C.C. R.C.P. Figatner.